Why are Yeezy becoming easier to buy?

Yeezys are becoming easier to buy, and it’s not just because there are many high quality fake yeezys flooding the market. Typically you would see fans flood social media with complaints of not being able to buy Yeezys before they sell out, but recently fans have been making complaints about them being too easy to purchase. One twitter used by the name of @kicks0l0gy went so far as to say “If you didn’t cop the yeezys you don’t deserve them. That was beyond easy.” And to be honest, he has a point. Fact of the matter is that Yeezys simply are becoming easier to purchase. But why?

Let’s start with a little info to fill you in. 2018 was an intense year for the man him sell Kanye West. He was absolutely roasted online for showing support to the controversial / polarising president. He even went so far as to save that “slavery was a choice” which didn’t go down well with other celebrities, as you can imagine. If that wasn’t enough, Kanye also stated that he had plans to move back to his hometown (Chicago). As his last stunt of the year, Kanye also announced that he would be increasing the release of Yeezys. You gotta respect the man, he’s the real deal, no fake yeezys out here. He did this as he didn’t like the effect that increasing the scarcity of Yeezys had on his fan. It causes them to either spend way more money than anticipated on his yeezys or turn to purchasing fake yeezys.

This is a huge move that isn’t to be overlooked. In a world of hype and panic purchasing, Yeezy has taken a step in the opposite direction. Although some have labelled him as a fool for doing such, he might actually be a genius. When he releases a shoe for say $250, they all sell out and then are instantly put back on the market for thousands of dollars. All of that money that’s being spent to purchase aftermarket Yeezys is money that isn’t going to Kanye or Adidas. Only time will tell if his strategy pays off though.